You Want more leads and a website that actually converts.

The solution:

Data points. Truth follows.

Why do you need a new website?


Fast Fact

93% of shoppers research online before entering dealership


Fast Fact

Almost 60% of website traffic is from mobile, and the majority of Kubota dealer sites do not provide a user-friendly, responsive mobile experience to convert leads like the sites from TracTru


Fast Fact

Exclusive for TracTru sites: automated incentives and new inventory automation from the Kubota Corporate site

Why TracTru?

TracTru has been disrupting the EQ industry with modern, user-friendly sites designed to convert. Our sites are built with cutting edge technology and evolve as new technology emerges so it never goes out of date. We design with a mobile-first mentality since the majority of shoppers are on mobile. We are a vetted partner with Kubota Tractor Corporation for websites.

Dynamic OEM Specials and Incentives

Time to create and upload the newest Kubota specials and incentives to your site? No worries! Our site allows for specials and incentives to be pushed directly from the manufacturer site ensuring your site is always current and compliant.


Your dealership isn’t the same as everyone else’s so your website shouldn’t be either. Dealers will be able to select from various color schemes, images, and formats to personalize the shopping experience for your clients.

More reasons to choose TracTru

With its visual page builder, the TracTru CMS revolutionizes the way companies build great web pages in no-time.


You’ll receive monthly reports detailing your site’s performance. Hardcoded call tracking makes it easy to qualify leads, coach your staff, and improve customer service.

Access and Support

TracTru gives dealers back-end access to their site and provides training information to help dealers make the most of their site. Our dedicated support team is readily available to provide assistance.

Location Auto-Detect

Have multiple stores that share the same website? Our smart design detects the customer’s location and displays the closest store’s information.

Your customers want to see equipment that’s relevant and useful to them and it’s hard to appeal to everyone with generic information. Create a personalized experience for your customers using SPARK. SPARK allows you to show targeted content to your customers based on their search history, location, referral links such as traffic from a digital media campaign, and more. With SPARK Digital Experience Cloud, you can add another level of personalization based on how customers are using your site by combining actions such as pages visited, downloading spec sheets, forms submissions, videos watched, and more to serve them a personalized set of information.

Engaging with customers shouldn’t end after they visit your website or dealership, so we’re introducing CURRENT Email Marketing that’s directly integrated with your website. That means you go to one dashboard to access the backend of your website and your email marketing campaigns. Collect subscribers through a website form or import your existing customer list, use one of our Kubota-exclusive templates or create your own, then set up campaigns to keep your customers current on your latest news, specials, and used inventory.

Want to get started? Tractru can help you reach your marketing initiatives.

  • 93% of purchase decisions begin with a web search
  • 99% of big ag farmers use internet for farming purposes
  • 87% of small farmers use internet for farming purposes
  • Over half of farmers’ digital media activity is conducted on a smartphone

Start a new digital presence with TracTru!

Your potential customers looking to buy and rent equipment are searching for your products right now, and in fact, they’re searching from all over the country. Farmers and ranchers will seek out the perfect piece of equipment no matter the distance. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a digital presence with your inventory available for them to see, they’ll never find you.

Easy to Use

You can manage your own site – or one of our talented digital content producers can. 

Our Clients Are Everwhere!

We work with ag and equipment dealers all over the country – from small ag to large ag. We’ve got you covered.

Website Setup and On-Boarding Included

Our on-boarding team will take care of getting you all setup on your new website.

Dynamic Kubota Specials and Incentives!

Promotions and Incentives automatically delivered to your site.


Kubota Equipment Showroom

Full Kubota Showroom – on your site. Always up to date!

Shortline Showrooms

Your site includes access to over 200 shortline showrooms.

Professionally Designed Websites that Convert!


Our dealers are immediately seeing great results with their new websites.  Our websites include scheduled continuous improvements and automated updates of new equipment and Kubota’s special offers so your website will never be out of date.  Schedule a demo with us to see all of the features we’ve packed into TracTru’s websites.

As more dealers have joined our platform, we’ve seen a need to learn more about new or lesser-used features.  That’s why we started TracTru Cultivate— a new video series to show dealers the latest features available to them and a few that we think they could benefit from knowing more about.

These video sessions run between 20 – 30 minutes on every other Tuesday. Don’t worry if you miss these, because we’re recording each session and we’ll post them on our YouTube channel for you to view anytime you wish.

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